Video Creation



Video Narrations

Having taken a small sample of the narratives offered, Minnesota’s Immigrants combines audio and visual effects to create videos with a documentary flair. I appreciated how transcripts were available for viewers who may need word clarification because of talking speed or heavy accents, or for those who may not be able to hear at all. I do feel that subtitles may work better here and wouldn’t detract from the video itself but without understanding the mechanics of caption creation I can understand choosing transcripts instead. In viewing a few narratives, I ended up with three pretty diverse immigration stories. One was from a college student from Malaysia, another from an older woman from France, and the third was told by the subject’s grandson (she herself having since passed).


“Authentically” Digitally Fabricated

When thinking about analog objects in a digital age such as today, there are people that worry about an eventual loss of authenticity. Technology is so ingrained in today’s society that there is this pervading fear of a loss of authenticity. Reproductions have never been as easy as in today’s culture. 500 years ago, an artist may have been able to trick potential buyers on an “authenticate” piece of artwork. Today, you can buy a reproduction of The Scream by Edvard Munch for $10 and hang it on your wall. But is artwork different? Worry over reproductions and digital surrogates ebbs and flows depending on what analog objects one considers.


Word Choice Popularity Contest

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, chapter one

Since the idea was to find text from a pre-20th century book, I decided that perhaps the 16th century was far back enough to suit my needs. The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli has been translated multiple times since it’s publication in 1532, and Google Books hosts digital copies of many of those translations. To fit in as close to the guidelines as possible, I chose one from 1903.


Chicago at a Glance: Architectural Wonders


1969 John Hancock Center

Chicago is known for its eclectic architectural designs. From the Willis Tower to the Marina Towers to the Aqua Building, Chicago’s skyline has much to offer. Looking between 1890 – 1921, this exhibit will give a brief glimpse of when popular structures such as the John Hancock Center were constructed as well as some fun facts.

Digital Tours in Museums

International Museum of Surgical Science

Encurate Mobile Technology” has so far created an app for the International Museum of Surgical Science that provides visitors with a floor-by-floor map of the exhibits, information on membership opportunities, a list of upcoming events, and the option for four different ‘tours’. Now before I get into my critiques, I will admit that the app was most of the time very good at sensing which floor you were on and, perhaps less so, which room you were in.


Interactive Storytelling


Storytelling is an age old system of entertainment. With the continual progression and change in technology, there are now new and at times interactive ways to engage with stories. One example is large scale gaming. For clarification, this kind of gaming focuses on consoles or bigger PC games, rather than the short indie games you might find on a website or on Steam.